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The War for Mansoul - Book & CDs

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[The War for Mansoul]The War for Mansoul, based on John Bunyan's classic "Holy War", as told by Ethel Barrett. This awesome book is a must-read recommendation!

196 pages, about 5th grade reading level and up. For children and adults of all ages!

NEW softcover.  Buy extra for gifts and/or Bible study groups!



"It's not just a story to read - it is an experience. And when you've read it, you'll be filled with wonder -- at how little you love God, and how much He loves you." -- Ethel Barrett, 1969.



***BONUS:  For a limited time, purchase the book and receive a FREE 2-CD audio dramatized retelling of the book narrated by ETHEL BARRETT herself!  Limited quantities - available ONLY with purchase of "The War for Mansoul" book.