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An MP3 audio version of "Swamp Robber", the first full story in the 36 book Sugar Creek Gang series, is our gift to you today.  It is divided into TWO PARTS, each about one hour in length.  You can read all about the Sugar Creek Gang stories, as well as testimonials from parents, by clicking on the links to your left.  You can also browse all of our wonderful resources here at Beloved Books!   If you would like to make a purchase, here are some special coupons just for you:

For $5 off a $30 order, use coupon code 5OFF30.
For $10 off a $50 order, use coupon code 10OFF50.

(If you would like us to send you ready-to-play audio CDs in the mail instead, just CLICK HERE.)

Here are a few guidelines for downloading your FREE MP3 version of "Swamp Robber":


1.  The Sugar Creek Gang stories are under copyright and NOT in the public domain, however, in the case of this story only ("Swamp Robber"), you have permission to burn audio CD sets for your own children's personal listening on a regular audio CD player.  You will need 2 standard 80 minute audio CDs, 1 for each part of the story.

2.  Be sure to download both parts of the story!

3.  Feel free to share this page with your friends. :-)


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Thank you for visiting... I hope you enjoy your Sugar Creek Gang story!

-- Heather Idoni, www.BelovedBooks.com






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