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Sugar Creek Gang Testimonials

Here are some wonderful comments from parents
about our Sugar Creek Gang audio stories!

My 8 year old said....."Oh mom, these are SOOOOO good!  Can we get all of them? They're worth it!!!  They talk about the gospel and everything!"

We ordered the sample Sugar Creek Gang recently and got it in time for our two day car trip. Boy do I wish we had gotten a few more. The kids loved it and my husband and I did too. Thank you so much for the fast shipping. We'll be ordering more soon!

The narrator of these tapes gives such excitement, emotion, and variety to his readings that they are really memorable.

I played one for our 5 year old daughter today, and she was QUIET and MOTIONLESS for 1/2 HR!  I could tell from her facial expressions that the gentle lessons about family and faith were not lost in the story.

My 12 year old son has listened to the entire series 4 times now --- he says it is helping to build-up his conscience and I have seen the evidence of that!

I would buy them again!  Our children just love them.  My 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son pass these back and forth between themselves.

It sure does warm this mommy heart to hear her little ones discussing the characters and their adventures.  Each child has their favorite episodes!

My nearly 12 year old son is a First Class Boy Scout, just like Big Jim, and grinned from ear to ear when they mentioned Boy Scouts in the story.  All my kids loved the references to church, the bible, Jesus and the boys' love of Jesus.  They just ate it up!!   We are embarking on a 8-10 hour drive (one way) next week and I'm sure we'll be listening to "the gang" most of the time!

I wanted to be sure and say thank you, thank you, thank you for the sample of the Sugar Creek Gang tapes!!!  We have listened to them every day for the last week that we have had them!  My son declares, "Mom we HAVE to get the others, these are really GREAT!!"  I like that the example of being a Christian is the way to go.  It doesn't mean that you are weird, or a social outcast and therefore someone to be suspicious of, the boys think it is special to be a follower of Jesus Christ. We have had some wonderful teaching moments with our children.  Thank you!!!!!!!

I brought home the Sugar Creek Gang tapes and began a love affair!  The kids both listened raptly, went through the whole set in a couple of days, and immediately started them over again. I feel that listening to the stories has made Jesus a very real presence in their lives.

Last summer we were camping and my 5 year old son was in the pool a bit out of his depth.  He struggled and managed to get back to safety.  When Dad, who was watching, asked if he was scared he said "No, Dad, I knew if I drowned I would go to heaven."  Dad reported this to me later with tears in his eyes -- he knew it was the tapes!

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