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Ethel Barrett - The War for Mansoul
John Bunyan's Holy War - BOOK + BONUS CDs

 John Bunyan, 17th Century Preacher

John Bunyan's greatest work, in my opinion, is THE HOLY WAR. Although not as well known as Pilgrim's Progress, it is a compelling and powerful allegory.  THE HOLY WAR, however, has enjoyed less popularity over the years due to its rambling length of over 500 pages.

Thankfully, about 50 years ago, children's author Ethel Barrett took on the inspired work of retelling his story for modern audiences.  We absolutely love this version, entitled "THE WAR FOR MANSOUL".

FOR A LIMITED TIME, with the purchase of the book, you will receive a complimentary copy of a 2-CD dramatized recording Ethel made of THE HOLY WAR from her book, The War for Mansoul.  Originally recorded on an LP album, we have been delighted to locate this hard-to-find audio treat again and make it available to all.

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